Soundproof Office Booth

A quiet, private, and comfortable acoustic work booth

This is an innovative office space to improve employee productivity
and happiness at work.

Revolutionize your workspace

Five Soundbox's office privacy pods are placed in open office

01# The safer work pods

  • Made of recycled carbon polymer panels;
  • No Wood or Glue;
  • Recycled materials about ≥180kg (12m²/0.66m³) each;
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Grade B Fire Retardant
  •  Waterproof

02# More durable office pods

  • Aerospace-grade aluminum;
  • Anti-Fouling: Easy to clean, not easy to leave hard-to-wipe stains.
  • Anti-Oxidation: extremely resistant to corrosion, crucial in maintaining the safety and usage life of silence booth structure for long term.

03# More comfortable booths

  • High-efficiency ventilation system
  • Daikin Verified: The ventilation system of our acoustic booth for sale verified by worldwide professional air ventilation system manufacturer Daikin Industries, Ltd., meets Daikin’s ventilation standard.

04# Easier Installation

  • Modular Design
  • 1 Fastener Locking
  • 3 Hour Assemble
  • 6 Side Installation
  • Easy Install with Instructions

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