One-stop solution
for office noise

Work in a silent place where you can talk, laugh and be creative.

One-stop solution
for office noise

Work in a silent place where you can talk, laugh, and be creative.

Office Space Acoustic Solutions

Employees can easily notice other disgusting habits of colleagues, so it’s possible to stop thinking and stop working, so it’s quiet and open office space is the primary factor to solve.
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Soundbox-Movable Silence Booth

A small space, satisfy your needs for creative design space. For different Usage, Official, Recording, Musical Educational, Medical.
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Design Your Own Silence Booth

We can customize the color and size of the silent booth and more features according to your needs.
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Revolution in the workspace

Meet Soundbox-innovative soundproof office pods

In 2019, Soundbox made an important strategic transition. We have launched a new easy-to soundproof office acoustics series and the flagship product is Movable silence booths which are much more flexible than traditional acoustic solutions for customers.


A quiet and comfortable space

The moveable office booths are the perfect solution to help reduce noise levels and create a more productive work environment. Not only do they look great, but they also come in a variety of colors to match your existing décor.


Affordable price, Unbeatable quality

Looking for an affordable, yet sleek and high-quality soundproof booth to support your ideas? Look no further than ours! Our booth is specifically designed to provide optimal acoustics while still being stylish and modern.

Meet The Soundbox Slience Booth

Revolution in the Workspace/Music Education/ Work culture/Medical/ Broadcasting/ Extra modular room at home.

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The world's leading brands partner with us

soundbox Silence booths have been adopted by over 2000 global brands.

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Movable Private Office Pods Co-branding-Huawei
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Soundproof Office Pods Co-branding-Jusbrasil

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