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You’ll be able to have an enjoyable conversation with someone in Soundbox custom phone booth without being distracted by outside noise or other people talking nearby, so office silent phone booth is perfect if you need some privacy for talk time.

Soundbox phone booth

Our soundproof booths are specially designed to provide maximum sound isolation, so you can focus on your meeting without distractions.

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FAQs about our phone booth

With a wide variety of options available, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs. Custom office isolation booth prices range from $2,500-$3K depending on specific requirements such as color and size customization options.

We have designed our acoustic work booth with high-quality materials to provide you peace of mind when making calls. The sound insulation level is 25 – 30 dB, which means that outside noise will not interfere in your conversation at all! In addition 60% percent or more coverage by polyester fiber material absorbs unwanted sounds and makes it easier on both ears while listening for someone else’s response.

Yes, we have developed our own ventilation system that ensures a cycle every 3 minutes to keep the air inside the office phone booth fresh and clean.

Soundbox is always up for a good challenge. Whether you are looking to create your own design or just need some help finding inspiration, our team of industrial designers will work with you every step along the way from concept through manufacturing!
Just let us know what your needs are and we will work with you to design the perfect solution! From phone booth size, to colors or logos – Soundbox has it all covered so that no detail goes unshot in order meet your requirements of yours as efficiently as possible while still maintaining an excellent customer experience.

We know that the production time for your phone booth is important. That’s why we’ve set it at 15 working days, and our shipping from factory to location should only take about 30-45 business days after ordering.

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