6 Person Meeting Booth

6 Person Meeting Booth

Soundproof booth-create a serene meeting space for your team

Soundproof booth X-Large was designed for efficiency. Whether you’re holding a brainstorming session or need to have a longer meeting, this conference call booth can accommodate up to eight people. You’ll be able to communicate with ease and without any distractions in Soundbox room modern office privacy booth.


The Quieter Office Booth

Our Quieter Booth is perfect for small conference rooms where meetings can be held without being disturbed by outside noise. Meeting booth is soundproof and has an acoustic index of STC 25dB (±5dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s). This means that the sound inside the privacy booth will not be heard outside, and the outside noise will not interfere with your meeting.


High Quality Booth

We use only the highest quality materials, like aerospace grade aluminum, carbon composite panels, and tempered glass. You can be confident that our soundproofing will stand up to whatever you throw at it. our soundproofing will help you create the perfect modern privacy booth for office.

The x-large black office privacy pod is placed in showroom
Two x-large white office privacy pods are placed in bank lobby

Fresh air for comfort

This innovative modern office privacy booth features a low noise air ventilation system that circulates air while maintaining the soundproofing attributes of the booth, so you can stay comfortable and focused. Whether you’re holding a meeting or just need a extra peace and quiet, the home office soundproof booth is the perfect solution.


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