Different enterprises have different types of work, and different types of work have different requirements for sound. For example, a designer working in a noisy environment for a long time can have their thoughts interrupted, thus affecting their work. Similarly, a salesperson who needs to make constant phone calls with clients can also be affected by noise, which not only affects their thoughts but also makes it difficult for clients to hear the content of the call, ultimately affecting the company’s performance.

To avoid these disturbances, a private space with a quiet environment that isolates external noise is necessary for work.

What is Soundbox soundproof booth?

Soundbox soundproof booth, also known as a silent booth or soundproof box, can provide a comfortable sound environment without echoes, allowing you to focus on creating, studying, or relaxing.

Advantages of using Soundbox soundproof booth

The Soundbox soundproof booth is equipped with multi-sided floor-to-ceiling soundproof glass, maintaining a certain level of openness and transparency. This allows you to be inside the booth without feeling constrained or oppressed.

The Soundbox soundproof booth also has an internal ventilation system, which provides fresh air circulation in a relatively airtight environment.

Additionally, the booth has an adjustable lighting system to maintain suitable lighting that won’t cause eye fatigue. The booth also has a variety of power expansion interfaces to meet the power requirements of various devices.

The Soundbox soundproof booth is designed with a modular structure, making it easy to install and quickly ready to use. The booth also comes with wheels, allowing it to be easily moved within a certain range.

With a sound insulation of 35db, the Soundbox soundproof booth completely isolates you from the outside noisy environment, creating a private and quiet environment for you to focus.

The booth’s air system can refresh the air inside the booth every 2-3 minutes, which is approximately the same temperature as the outside environment. This makes it possible to work or study inside the booth for extended periods without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

In this noisy era, the Soundbox soundproof booth solves the problem of environment and privacy to a great extent, bringing a new experience for work and study.

As a company specializing in providing technical solutions and product R&D and manufacturing, Soundbox is becoming a research enterprise with global influence in the field of acoustics. Soundbox has always led the Chinese acoustic industry and can be widely used in modern open office spaces, providing a private, quiet, and independent space for negotiations, receptions, and discussions. Feel free to contact us for further inquiries


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