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2 Person Phone Booth
4 Person Meeting Booth
6 Person Meeting Booth
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1 Person Phone Booth
2 person Phone Booth
4 Person Meeting Booth
6 Person Meeting Booth
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2 Person Phone Booth


2 Person Phone Booth

Soundproof office booth provides the perfect quiet space to think and focus attention

This private space is perfect for small meetings or intimate conversations between two people. Plus, this soundproof phone booth is designed to block out outside distractions, helping you stay focused and productive. Whether you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the office or want to brainstorm new ideas in peace, our affordable office phone booth is just what you need!

A variety of options to meet your design

We have a variety of private office booth designs and sizes to choose from, and we can customize the panels to match your office’s décor. We also offer a wide range of colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect silent phone booth for your needs. And if you need more coustomize, our team can assist you.

Five Soundbox's office privacy pods are placed in open office

01# The safer work pods

  • Made of recycled carbon polymer panels;
  • No Wood or Glue;
  • Recycled materials about ≥180kg (12m²/0.66m³) each;
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Grade B Fire Retardant
  •  Waterproof

02# More durable office pods

  • Aerospace-grade aluminum;
  • Anti-Fouling: Easy to clean, not easy to leave hard-to-wipe stains.
  • Anti-Oxidation: extremely resistant to corrosion, crucial in maintaining the safety and usage life of silence booth structure for long term.
Two soundbox's white medium office pods are placed in office

03# More comfortable booths

  • High-efficiency ventilation system
    Daikin Verified: The ventilation system of our coworking booth for sale verified by worldwide professional air ventilation system manufacturer Daikin Industries, Ltd., meets Daikin’s ventilation standard.

04# Easier Installation

  • Modular Design
  • 1 Fastener Locking
  • 3 Hour Assemble
  • 6 Side Installation
  • Easy Install with Instructions


Equipped with 4000K daylight color temperature LED lighting system(1600Lux), it would satisfy the needs of normal activities

Fastening assemble

Our design philosophy has always emphasized on simplicity and minimalistic approach; hence our whole model only utilizes 90 -degree fasteners.

2 Person Phone Booth

Anti-wear exterior

The surface of cabin insulation panel is covered with Korean made nanometer PP facing, which has high resistance to friction, pollution, ultraviolet rays, fire and moisture.

Acoustic interior

Our booth has an effective area of 60% covered Polyester Fiber sound
absorbing material.

Soundbox Coworking Booth Dimensions


Exterior size:
D1236 x W1500 x H2300mm
(48.66″ x 59.06″ x 90.55″)

Inner size:
D1200 x W1340 x H2140mm
(47.24″ x 52.76″ x 84.25″)

Gross weight:

Net weight:

For two person

Get a Private Space at an Affordable Price

This phone booth coworking space is the perfect choice if you want to create a quiet area in an open and noisy environment, whether it’s at your office or school. You don’t need to change any original structures of buildings- our soundproofing solutions will allow for private spaces that also come with affordable office phone booth prices!

Medium white private office pod is placed in open office
Medium light green private office pods in supermarketing
A man visiting soundbox's khaki office privacy pods
Medium black office privacy pods placed in the showroom
Medium white office priavcy pods placed in the hallway

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