Don’t let noise be the greatest enemy

on your path to success.

Four Different Office Booths Size for you to choose

A small black phone call booth


2 Person

office pods

Whether you need to make an important business call, or simply take a break from the hustle and bustle of your workplace, our soundproof phone booth or work pods has got you covered.

2 person meeting booth


2 Person

office pods

Whether you need to have a serious business discussion, hold a confidential meeting, or just have a quiet chat with a friend, this soundproof booth is the ideal space that will cater to your needs and provide you with maximum comfort and convenience.

4 person meeting pod


4 Person

office pods

Whether it’s a quick team huddle or a longer discussion, the Four Person office Meeting Pod has everything you need to get things done.

6 person silent work pods


6 Person

office pods

The Six Person Meeting Booth is a perfect solution for spontaneous brainstorming sessions and discussions in a workplace. It provides an open, comfortable workspace that encourages collaboration and creativity.

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Soundbox Office Phone Booth Features

Telephone Booths Turbo Fresh Air System

The workspace booth is designed with your comfort in mind. The quiet booth has a high-efficiency ventilation system that circulates the air every 3 minutes, so you won’t feel hot even if you work inside all day. You’ll enjoy the perfect work environment with optimal air quality that promotes focus, productivity and creativity.

Turbo Fresh Air System

Office Pod Sound Insulation Tempered Glass

With multiple laboratory tested results, conventional glass is not able to fulfill our needs to achieve our desired noise reduction performance, Soundbox had tested and chosen to use tempered glass.

2 person meeting booth

FAQs about our work booths for sale

With a STC 25dB (±3 dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1S ) sound insulation index, the silent booth ensures an environment where employees can concentrate without distractions from outside sounds or noise in their workspace!

The furniture shown in our work booth is optional and the cost of these items will be calculated separately from your order. We can provide you with a recommendation for what type of furnishings would please both aesthetically as well acoustically, but it’s ultimately up to yourself which one works best!

We’re excited to announce that we now ship our silent booth worldwide, so if you need one of these amazing office booth for your company or event please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy help make it happen!

With the help of noise cancelling technology, you will be able to stay inside for hours and not feel uncomfortable.
The ventilation system facilitates air flow so that it can keep up with your body heat while still being sufficiently breathable . This way there’s no need worry about getting too stuffy or overheated!

Of course you can. Soundbox’s office booths are modular in design and use only one type of fastener, which makes the removal and installation process easy.

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