Where are meeting cabins generally placed after being purchased by a company?

Some customers may say, “Buying a meeting cabin for the office doesn’t actually save space, since a soundproof cabin also takes up space.” In fact, meeting cabins improve space utilization and provide users with a comfortable experience. A soundproof cabin can be used in many ways and can provide users with a comfortable experience in different situations while also protecting their privacy.

 Many companies consider placing tables and chairs in reception areas, break rooms, and terraces during renovations to create rest areas or reception areas for employees to relax, make phone calls, or receive clients.

 However, these areas generally lack privacy, which is not conducive to work or phone calls. They are also easily neglected in terms of hygiene, which can affect the company’s image. Furthermore, the environment is relatively simple, which is not conducive to receiving clients or negotiating deals. Over time, these areas become neglected corners that are left idle.

 Placing meeting cabins in these forgotten corners can greatly increase the utilization of office space.

Advantages of using meeting cabins

Meeting cabins optimize a company’s image with their simple and elegant appearance. The cleanliness requirements for tables, chairs, and sofas placed in reception areas and office waiting areas are high. Randomly placed tables and chairs and cluttered magazines on the tables can affect a company’s image. However, simple and elegant meeting cabins can improve a monotonous and spacious environment. They also provide clients with a private space to work while waiting.

 Air in the cabin can be replaced by a ventilation system to maintain cabin hygiene. Dust is relatively reduced in a relatively closed cabin environment, reducing the frequency of daily cleaning. The ventilation system can achieve complete air exchange every 2 minutes, ensuring a supply of fresh air.

 In small companies, the “one cabin for multiple uses” nature is more prominent. A common meeting cabin that can accommodate 4-6 people can be used not only as an office but also for negotiations, meetings, client receptions, and recordings. It has multiple uses and can be customized to add more uses. Combining office, meeting, negotiation, and phone booth functions in one cabin reduces the need for multiple rooms and office space while increasing utilization.

 The advantages of meeting cabins are not only in their 30 decibels of soundproofing but also in their significant impact on improving a company’s image and reducing office space.

 Flexible and versatile meeting cabins create infinite possibilities in limited spaces, where work is no longer disturbed, and meetings are no longer interrupted.


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