Two light green office privacy pods are placed in lobby

Meeting pods provide visual and auditory privacy

Open plan offices lacking physical walls or barriers can make many employees feel anxious, which can lead to frustration and lack of confidence. Soundproof pods provide total privacy, both visually and acoustically. A glass door ensures it doesn’t feel like a confined space.

Meeting pods provide a secure space which can have a positive impact on staff stress levels.

Meeting pods can provide more collaboration

Sound proof phone booths act as modern, tech-equipped phone booths or small meeting spaces for face-to-face or virtual interaction. Employees utilize this space for quick brainstorming sessions and important private discussions. Meeting pods make collaboration easy without distracting colleagues from their work.

Meeting pods give employees more autonomy

A lack of personal space can make anyone uncomfortable. Giving employees the opportunity to escape the crowds and noise of the office and giving them more workspace choices will increase morale, job satisfaction, and efficiency.

Meeting pods come in various options to suit your needs

Meeting pods come in various private and semi-private sizes. Options include single soundproof pods, double soundproof pods, and multi-person soundproof pods, suitable for individual and collaborative work. There are many colors and textures to choose from. Meeting pods can be customized to ensure they fit your environment no matter what your interior design style is.

Meeting pods help keep employees focused

Meeting pods allow employees to escape noisy environments and focus on what’s truly important. It could be completing a task at hand, or needing some time to think and ideate. Allowing employees to work without disturbance will increase work efficiency.

Meeting pods are space efficient and flexible

Why build a separate conference room when you can easily set up a meeting pod? Meeting pods don’t require any space modification and can be installed in a short time with no noise pollution. Single soundproof pods come with adjustable casters so you can move the soundproof pods over your office floor according to your needs. This is a truly flexible solution.

Meeting pods provide good client engagement

Booking a conference room for one-to-one meetings or conference calls with clients isn’t always cost-effective, and it’s hard to find a noise-free space in open plan offices. Office meeting pods provide a quiet, undisturbed space where you can fully focus on your clients.

Meeting pods help attract young talent

Acoustic furniture solutions like office soundproof pods and sound proof phone booths can help make it clear that your company is up to date with workspace design and investing in employee efficiency and well-being.

In many countries, meeting pods are still a novel concept and can be something unique when it comes to workspace. A space that provides both collaboration opportunities and privacy is a good choice for the new generation.


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