For a small start-up company, the demand for office space may not be particularly large, and it is necessary to control operating costs; or if you are someone who does not need to work in an office frequently and only occasionally needs to use spare time to organize client information. Then, it is definitely difficult to rent a suitable office space in an office building, after all, you need to consider the geographical location of the office, the size of the rental space, the various charging standards of the space, whether the decoration style of the space is suitable, office equipment procurement, lease term, and so on. You have to consider all aspects, which is undoubtedly a mountain in front of companies/start-ups in the early stages. Of course, this is the most traditional way of working.

As times are changing, with the rapid development of the Internet, people have entered the era of the sharing economy through online platforms, such as ride-sharing, bike-sharing, car-sharing, power bank-sharing, and a transformation of consumption in the sharing economy is quietly opening up, and shared offices have emerged as a result.

Meeting pod is the best choice for shared offices!

A shared office is an office mode that shares office space to reduce leasing costs. It not only has complete supporting facilities, can be rented on demand, and eliminates the tedious process of decoration and monthly payment of utilities, property fees, network fees, office equipment, and office supplies procurement. Instead, it has a one-price-all package, as long as you pay a rental fee, you can also freely choose daily rent, monthly rent, yearly rent, and have a flexible lease term. For companies/start-ups in the early stages, this mode is worry-free, effortless, and cost-effective.

However, a good office environment cannot be separated from a quiet and comfortable office space, and meeting pod is the best choice for shared offices.

The different systems of sound proof phone booths

A flexible, movable and repeatedly removable soundproof private space that can be placed in various positions. You do not need to change the existing architectural layout drastically, just place it flexibly. It is widely used in office, music instruments, education and training, online broadcasting and other fields. The outer frame is made of 6061 fluorocarbon gray reinforced aluminum material, and the wall is made of double-layer aluminum honeycomb board and double-sided soundproof glass, with interior equipped with polyester fiber sound absorption board.

The all-aluminum material design meets the requirements of fire resistance and environmental protection, and the material is fireproof with no odor, ensuring safety and stability. The fire-resistant polyester fiber sound absorption board and nylon carpet make it meet the acoustic environmental indicators.

  • Fresh air system: The multi-sound barrier design solves the problem of sound leakage while greatly reducing the noise of the fresh air system, reducing the sound interaction inside and outside the cabin, and updating the air in the cabin completely every three minutes.
  • Lighting system: The meeting pod has a 4000K natural light color temperature LED central lighting system, with a standard 150LX illumination to meet normal usage needs and professional lighting, as well as a pre-installed expandable power source inside the cabin.

Power supply system: Compliant with 100-240V/50-60Hz and 12V-USB power supply system, adapting to mainstream equipment and energy environments both inside and outside the meeting pod. Three control switches respectively control one lighting and two exhaust fans.


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