Open-office is the norm in today’s time, but it also has its downsides. Studies have shown that noise and distractions are the biggest obstacles to focus on work and work efficiency. It becomes difficult to concentrate on time-sensitive tasks when colleagues are taking client calls or when there are three people having a lively discussion next to you. Providing employees a stress-free environment away from their desks with soundproof furniture is the top priority of every organization, by entering office sound booths or so-called office sound proof phone booths.

During the COVID-19 period, workplace design trends are changing, and so are interior office pods. Prior to the pandemic, sound booths were used in noisy open-plan offices, providing employees with privacy and peace, but now they can also be used to provide a safer work environment for employees. Sound booths can relieve office stress, which can lead to increased employee happiness.

Introduction to office sound booths

Office sound booths, also known as sound proof phone booths, are small, self-contained, soundproof, modular spaces designed specifically for privacy and attention allocation. These private and semi-private spaces are designed for dynamic workspaces, allowing employees to handle personal or professional calls in a quiet area, providing distraction-free space for high-priority personal tasks, and small sound booths for discussions and brainstorming.

A typical office sound booth comes in different sizes and is equipped with sound-absorbing felt, ventilation systems, lighting systems, custom-designed desks or chairs, internal electrical appliances and USB sockets, and two-sided glass. They are also made of various materials such as wood, metal or glass, and buyers can mix and match them according to their needs.

Why does the office need a private meeting pod?

Placing office sound booths in an open-plan office environment can meet employees’ privacy needs and improve work efficiency and satisfaction.

In addition, phone booths and office sound booths are much safer than general open-plan offices. As enclosed spaces, they are easier to control and once cleaned, they will remain clean until they are used again.

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