Meeting pod, always popular during exhibitions, is it a certainty or coincidence? With people’s increasing demand for office environment and the noise impact brought by urbanization development, people’s demand for noise isolation is getting bigger. Open office promotes communication among employees and facilitates observation of their work status; however, different work habits among different positions can distract and disturb employees. The instant “meeting pod” provides employees with a quiet and independent office space in the open office environment, allowing employees to switch work modes at any time.

Is “meeting pod” just a gimmick for promotion in all industries? In fact, it is not difficult to discover that the popularity of “meeting pod” comes from people’s demand.

With the rapid development of the national economy, a quiet and comfortable independent space is more needed in the rapidly operating cities. The meeting pod, with its advantages of convenient installation and disassembly, long service life, and low decoration cost, and a sound insulation level of 30 decibels, has become the first choice for open offices, training institutions, halls, school music rooms, libraries, cafes and other places.

The sound insulation effect of the “meeting pod” is significant

Regarding sound insulation, the “meeting pod” is designed and manufactured according to acoustic conditions, including exterior and interior decoration. According to practical experience, the sound insulation level can reach over 30 decibels. In practical use, the sound insulation level is significant.

In the enterprise, the “meeting pod” is most widely used and can be used as a reception room, conference room, telephone booth, independent office, and so on. In the work, it is often necessary to think in a quiet environment or answer the phone, and a sound-insulated cabin can establish an independent space to reduce external interference.

When receiving customers or holding meetings, it can avoid the problem of poor sound insulation in normal meeting rooms and can protect the privacy of the meeting safely and reliably. Placing “meeting pod” in the exhibition hall can conveniently negotiate with customers at any time.

In training institutions, it is mostly used for individual student practice and teacher solo tutoring. It can not only avoid the influence among students, but also protect the privacy of students and improve their concentration when teachers are tutoring.

The “meeting pod” can be installed and disassembled multiple times within two hours

The “meeting pod” has an advantage in installation. Many household decorations contain formaldehyde. The “mobile meeting pod” is made of full aluminum material and has no formaldehyde pollution concerns. The meeting pod, which can be assembled within two hours, can be quickly put into use, reducing decoration time and avoiding wall damage.

When it is necessary to switch to other places for use, it can be disassembled and re-assembled and used in the new venue. After disassembly, the original site will not be damaged. The “mobile meeting pod” can be dismantled and assembled multiple times, reducing decoration costs and allowing for circular use.

The popularity of the “meeting pod” is inevitable, and its convenient assembly and disassembly, and multi-use nature are more in line with practical use. Under the trend of the market, the “meeting pod” will become more and more popular.


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