After purchasing a meeting pod, where is it usually placed in the company?

Some customers may say, “Adding a meeting pod in the office does not save space, and a soundproof pod also takes up space.” In fact, the meeting pod improves space utilization and brings comfortable use experience to users. A soundproof pod can have multiple uses and provide a comfortable experience for users in different situations while also protecting their privacy.

Many companies consider placing tables and chairs as rest or reception areas for employees to relax or answer the phone and receive clients in the front desk, pantry, or patio when decorating. However, these areas generally have poor privacy, are not conducive to work or answering the phone, and can be difficult to manage and maintain hygiene, affecting the company’s image. Eventually, these places become neglected corners and are left idle.

Placing meeting pods instead of these forgotten corners can greatly increase the utilization of office space.

The application advantages of meeting pods

Meeting pods optimize the company’s image with a simple and elegant high appearance value. The cleanliness requirements for tables, chairs, and sofas placed in the front desk and office reception areas are high. Randomly placed chairs and scattered magazines on the tables can affect the company’s image. Simple and generous meeting pods can add points to monotonous and spacious spaces while also providing clients with a private space to handle work while waiting.

The new air system replaces the air to maintain the hygiene in the cabin. In a relatively enclosed cabin environment, dust is relatively reduced, reducing the number of daily cleanings. The new air system can achieve a complete air exchange every 2 minutes, ensuring the supply of fresh air.

The nature of “one pod, multiple uses” is more prominent in small companies. An ordinary meeting pod that can accommodate 4-6 people can not only be used as an office but also for negotiations, meetings, client receptions, recording, etc., with multiple uses that can be added based on customization. Combining office, meeting, negotiation, and telephone booth functions in one pod reduces the number of venues, reduces office space, and increases utilization.

The advantages of meeting pods are not only that they have a soundproof level of 30 decibels, but also that they have a more significant impact on enhancing the company’s image and reducing the use of office space.

The flexible and changeable meeting pods create infinite possibilities in limited space, allowing work to no longer be disturbed, and meetings to no longer be interrupted.




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