Modern interior architecture tends to use open spaces more and more. In these open spaces, there is an increasing need for enclosed sound proof phone booths that have features such as sound insulation, noise reduction, and air circulation, for personal use such as making phone calls, using electronic devices, and video conferencing.

These enclosed booths not only provide privacy for personal phone calls, shielding users from their environment, but also prevent the noise generated by personal phone calls and activities from affecting the surrounding environment, thereby reducing the overall noise level in the indoor environment.

When choosing an indoor sound proof phone booth,we have to consider about:Is it easy to install?What should we do if the product broken when we receive it.

About the installation of the sound proof phone booth:

The installation of the sound proof phone booth is very simple. Our booths are modular in design, and can be installed using one tightening device, without any screws. Moreover, with the help of Soundbox’s independently designed mobile mover, the booth can be easily and randomly moved around.

About the after-sales of the sound proof phone booth:

We offer after-sales service, which is free during the first year, and covers all free repairs to non-human-caused damages. If there is any intentional damage, we will charge for the cost of the original materials and labor.

As a company specializing in providing technical solutions, and R&D and manufacturing products, Soundbox is becoming a research enterprise with global influence in the field of acoustics.

With the help of professional instruments in the largest acoustic testing laboratory in Asia, Soundbox ensures the accuracy and reliability of technical data from R&D to application, including reverberation time testing and sound insulation testing, which lead in the Chinese acoustic industry. Our products are widely used in the fields of construction, industry, and military.

Soundbox always leads the Chinese acoustic industry. It can be widely used in modern open office spaces, providing a private, quiet, and independent space for negotiation, reception, and discussion. Welcome to inquire.




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