The office is a relatively quiet place. Only by ensuring that the office is not noisy and the noise level is low can the efficiency of the company’s employees be higher. Therefore, in the design and decoration of soundproofed offices, it is necessary to do a good job of noise prevention and create a quiet environment conducive to quiet work.

Sound proof office booth wall sound insulation effect treatment

The wall is one of the sources of noise dissemination. Therefore, in the design and decoration of the sound proof office booth, the soundproof effect should be considered everywhere, and the office wall should be rough. If it is too smooth, the indoor will easily produce echoes, thereby increasing the volume of noise. Making the wall surface rough, so that sound waves are refracted multiple times.

In addition, soundproof materials such as mineral wool sound-absorbing panels can be selected for walls and ceilings.

Sound proof office booth street frontage window treatments

There are often many windows in our office. If the street-facing window is transformed into a “soundproof window”, the outside noise can be greatly reduced. Therefore, choosing a soundproof window in the office decoration will have a good soundproof effect.

In addition, during the office decoration process, a layer of paper gypsum board can be added to the wall on the side of the street, filled with sound-absorbing cotton, and then wallpapered or painted with wall coating on the gypsum board.

Sound insulation treatment of sound proof office booth doors

When choosing soundproof office doors for decoration, model-pressed soundproof doors with honeycomb-like structured paper cores can have a good soundproof effect due to the formation of a closed air layer. However, inferior door panels only roughly separate the core with cardboard in the air layer, which has poor soundproofing effect.

For solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, the higher the density of the wood, the heavier the weight, and the thicker the door panel, the better the soundproofing effect.

Sound proof office booth wooden furniture sound insulation effect is also good

Furniture is the most natural sound-absorbing and scattering body in the room, especially wooden furniture. It has the characteristics of fiber porosity, which can effectively absorb the noise in the office decoration. Different types of wood have different absorption levels, with softer woods like pine absorbing more. If the bookcase is placed in front of the adjacent wall of the neighboring house, it can block the sound appropriately.

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