With the development of technology and the popularization of national quality education, the teaching environment and educational equipment have undergone tremendous changes, gradually shifting from the traditional blackboard teaching mode to an intelligent and efficient teaching mode. After undergoing market “baptism”, distance education and online classrooms are gradually accepted by the public. To meet the needs of online education, coworking pods for “classrooms” have also gradually come into people’s sight.

How big is the role of coworking pods in education and training?

For example, in some customized courses, one-on-one tutoring and other “personalized” education courses, teachers and students need an independent and quiet space. Coworking pods can not only achieve strong sound insulation, but also establish a quiet and comfortable learning environment.

Moreover, it also has great advantages in space planning. The size of the coworking acoustic booth for two people is 1230mm in length x 1500mm in width x 2300mm in height (customizable according to demand), occupying only about 2 square meters, but it is sufficient to meet the needs of students’ usual study and one-on-one tutoring. Multiple coworking pods can be placed in an ordinary meeting room to meet high-density deployment and multiple groups of simultaneous learning.

Coworking pods are easy to install and can be used immediately. It only takes two hours to install, without the need for long wait times, and can be moved and flexibly installed without considering the decoration of the meeting room. The cabin interior of the coworking pod can be customized according to user requirements, and the exterior of the cabin supports brand exclusive customization, which can display the brand logo.

What are the advantages of using coworking pods?

  • In terms of configuration, it has greater advantages than collective classrooms. The coworking pod uses 38mm thick double-layer aluminum honeycomb panels and high-density damping sound insulation felt, with 30-decibel sound insulation. Various noise reduction designs not only reduce the noise of the new air system, but also can fully update the air in the cabin every two minutes. The standard 4000K natural light color temperature meets the lighting requirements for learning.
  • In terms of function, it can meet the quiet environment required for self-study by students, and can also protect the privacy of one-on-one tutoring between teachers and students. It can provide students and teachers with independent space for learning, thus improving learning efficiency.
  • In music teaching, it also plays a huge role. In the same training institution, students playing different instruments or music pieces are easily disturbed by each other, and renting multiple training rooms will increase the cost. The coworking pod can replace separate training rooms, achieving a noise reduction effect of 35 decibels, avoiding mutual interference.

Students are the future of the country, and creating a good learning environment for students is necessary. Choosing a coworking pod allows students to study more at ease, and cultivates more pillars for the country.


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