With the diversification of office methods and the improvement of office environment, many enterprises have higher requirements for the decoration of their offices. Although open office design is simple and convenient, it can easily distract employees due to excessive noise, reducing productivity.

The use of meeting pods is more convenient

In order to provide employees with a quiet and comfortable space in a noisy office environment, enterprises will choose to place meeting pods in some vacant corners of their offices and meeting rooms for employees to answer calls, hold meetings, and work.

In the soundproof pod with a sound insulation of 35 decibels, will it be stuffy and hot in this seemingly “enclosed” environment? Dr. Sound’s meeting pod uses a new air system for ventilation and air exchange, which can completely renew the air in the meeting pod every two minutes.

What are the advantages of the new air system in the meeting pod?

The new air system replaces the air in the meeting pod by “forced exhaust and forced air supply,” achieving the purpose of purifying the air in the soundproof meeting pod even when the door is closed.

Fresh air continuously enters the meeting pod, and it will not feel stuffy even when working in the meeting pod for a long time, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the pod is small. It works silently without affecting the sound insulation effect. The noise of the ordinary new air system is generally between 30-40 decibels.

The indoor office pod adopts a multi-barrier sound insulation design, which changes the distance of sound propagation and reduces the sound interaction inside and outside the pod. Compared with air conditioning, the new air system can maintain the air quality in the pod by circulating the air inside and outside the pod, and the air will not dry out due to the loss of water by the air conditioning.

Under the effect of the new air system, the meeting pod ensures fresh and clean air while also ensuring the sound insulation effect. When you need to have independent space, the meeting pod provides a quiet and private space; when answering the phone, you will no longer be disturbed by noise, and when working independently, your thoughts will not be interrupted.

With the help of professional instruments in the first acoustic testing lab, Soundbox ensures the accuracy and reliability of technical data from R&D to application.It is including leading reverberation time and sound insulation tests in China’s acoustic industry. The product is widely used in building, industry, military and other fields.

Soundbox always leads the Chinese acoustic industry. Soundbox’s office pods can be widely used in modern open office spaces, providing a private, quiet, and independent space for negotiations, receptions, discussions, and more. Please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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